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Since the 18th century, silhouettes have maintained a sense of tradition and beauty. Now you can enjoy these timeless images with a new twist. I illustrate these classic portraits digitally which allows a level of detail not always available in the cut paper style. I am an individual artist and I take special interest in each and every portrait I create. This allows me to incorporate every personal detail which results in a final portrait that's as perfect as your subject.

This illustration is perfect for any of your loved ones, including pets or a favorite subject. I work from a simple photograph(s) which can be emailed (or mailed) to me, so there is no need to come in for a sitting.  Please click here for more information.

It's all in the details...
Lace collars, ringlet curls of a hairstyle and other small features can often be the crowning detail for your subject, and I'll make sure to incorporate them. You can also add a touch of personality to your illustration with custom colors, borders, text and artistic treatments to create a truly unique and special look.

Illustrations can be printed in any combination of sizes, quantities, colors, and even combined with other illustrations to create a group print.  They can also be printed on other items such as stretched canvas, stationery, T-shirts and more. Please contact me for more information.

Gift Certificates are available. What an ideal gift for an out of town friend--they can simply email their photo(s) to me when they are ready. I ship anywhere worldwide.

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